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Menu Coming Soon....


This Food Truck was created in Ennis, TX. It is 18ft length, 9ft wide, 18ft length tin roof canopies on both sides, tin roof, open air screened in trailer, 2 doors, service window, hand sink, 3 compartment sink, sandwich prep table, work top refrigeration, 4 ft steel grill/smoker, 2x2 steel upright smoker,  50amp 220 box, whisper generator, 22 gallon water tank & 30 gallon waste tank.


Delta Bound presents BA BLAZE Food Truck/Trailer.

The Menu dictates the pricing per person.

Average per person ranges from  $13 - $30. Again, it depends on the menu/ items selected. 

Minimum Guarantee is $1000 for 4 hour Window (setup, service & breakdown) Service from Food Truck/Trailer. 

**** For small events it takes about 1 hour to setup & breakdown****

$150 Non-Refundable Booking Fee

35% of Quoted Service to be paid 5 days before the event & becomes non-refundable.

9.75% Sales Tax to be added

We do not offer cleanup service for any event. 

We can do about 30 -40 people per hour. So for a 4 hour window, that would be 120 top end (keeping in mind the menu) we could serve over 3 hours. Keep in mind, that we have already done quite a bit of work before we even get to any location. 

Our goal is not speedy service, but to focus on serving up great food cooked from our Grill & Smoker by using fire only. We do not use Propane to fuel our grill or smoker.   

BA BLAZE caters more to laid back events with no expectations to serving quickly. The more laid back the event, the more flexible we are with our time.  

There is a 72 hour notice of cancelation. If after, 72 hours, there is a 35% charge from the approved quoted/invoiced amount that should be paid to Delta Bound day of Cancelation. 

Buffet Catering: IF you would like for us to bring our Food Truck/Trailer & then setup buffet style service, there are additional charges. 

We are very straightforward with our customers when it comes to who we are & what we do.  We work hard to make sure we make you happy, but we hope that you will respect our ways. Our rates are fair for what we offer. We are like any other business, we need to be able to pay our employees, bills, etc. while also making a profit. 

We will try to accommodate individual requests and circumstances on a case by case basis.